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PureSkin Dallas

Welcome to PureSkin Dallas. If you are one of the people who like to take care of your skin and look the absolute best version of yourself, we are the perfect choice as a cosmetologist in Dallas.


People with no time for skincare are not the only ones with bad skin; if you are not using the right products and the right processes, you will feel the effects on your skin. That is one of the primary inspirations for us. All of the procedures we use are decided with a special emphasis on making sure that they are not doing any harm to the skin.

We appreciate all types of lifestyles and know that not everyone has the time to undergo lengthy treatments and therapies. That’s why we have adapted all of our techniques for all types of time frames. You can choose any of the facials for a quick visit, or if you have the time to spend, you can take the time to check out our extensive facialsmicrodermabrasionMicro-Needling with stem cells, and Micro-Current LED (the non-surgical facelift!) services. Make sure to call us and ask about our new micro-needling service known as Livra MD with Procells. Micro-Needling Livra MD delivers unbelievable results, you have to try it.

If you are one of the people with a bad experience with cosmetologists in Dallas, I definitely recommend one visit to our center in order to get an idea of what is it that we do differently.

Our facials, threading, and all other techniques are designed to be as natural as possible and do not have any unwanted side effects on the skin.

Not only that, but our experienced clinicians know that every type of skin demands a different approach and all individuals have different needs. That is why we use customized and totally unique procedures for each of our clients. We assess and analyze the condition and the best course forward when you explain your case for the first time. Each of the steps thereafter is towards the goal of achieving the best solution to your skin problems with the minimum use of artificial products and long-lasting therapies.

There truly is no reason why you shouldn’t consider us when looking for a cosmetologist in Dallas. PureSkin is located in the heart of Dallas.

You can find us in the Preston Pavilion center inside Salon Boutique on the corner of Preston Rd. & Northwest Highway in Highland Park.


Needle mesotherapy,Microneedle mesothera


PureSkin Dallas is always looking for advancements in skincare. We proud ourselves in providing the most advanced and result-driven skin care services. Micro-needling is the next non-invasive skincare solution. At PureSkin Dallas we use the most advanced micro-needling solution.



At PureSkin Dallas, we have a comprehensive collection of facials in Dallas that you can avail, and all have been designed to make sure there is maximum impact on the skin while minimizing the role of artificial products. 



Facial hair removal is one of the most important parts of body/skincare and body hygiene, yet it doesn’t get the level of attention it deserves. Just think about when was the last time you thought about where to get threading from?



Having overgrown/unwanted hair in your bikini regions is one of the things that cause a major lack of confidence. When chilling out in the spring sun, the last thing you want is to be thinking about the untrimmed bikini line.



Dermaplaning is a skin treatment Dermatologists say that it is effective for people looking to make their skin appear more youthful, smooth, and bright. Results last 3-4 weeks.


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PureSkin Dallas


PureSkin is located on the main intersection of Preston Rd. and Northwest Highway.

Two-story building located on the corner of Westchester and Berkshire. CVS is the front of the building. Go in the building and down the escalator on the right side.

At the bottom of the escalator look to your left. The suite is called Salon Boutique, it’s next to Marshalls. Go inside Salon Boutique, take two left turns, and at the end of the hall, you’ll see PureSkin in room 63.

PureSkin Dallas​

8335 Westchester Dr. #10

Dallas, TX 75225 - Room 63


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"She uses a high-quality wax and techniques that minimize discomfort."

—  Google User

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