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  Facial hair removal is one of the most important parts of body/skincare and body hygiene, yet it doesn’t get the level of attention it deserves. Just think about when was the last time you thought about where to get threading from? It’s more than likely you didn’t, and just wandered into the closest salon you could find.

  That is at the root cause of why most of us aren’t happy with our hair removals. There are too many un-experienced or under-educated professionals in the business. We, at Pure Skin Dallas are committed to providing the most professional and effective threading in Dallas. If you haven’t been using this technique, well you should be, because it is awesome. Threading originated in ancient times and over the years has developed into one of the most common practices in the beauty and skin treatment world. People like us have refined it to the level where it is the safest bet for anyone looking for facial hair removal.

  It makes use of expert clinicians’ hands and cotton sewing thread in order to remove the hair from the root, unlike many other techniques like waxing, etc. It is also more effective than most other hair removal techniques that it also works on very small hair that are difficult to be waxed out or plucked.

  If you have sensitive skin or acne, it makes even more sense to be getting threading from us. Threading is much safer for the skin than waxing, which can sometimes take off a layer of the skin along with the hair.

  If you are looking to get threading in Dallas, we are available for any queries you might have about it and you can give us a call anytime to set up an appointment. Don’t waste any time!


Complete facial hair removal. Last 4-6 weeks minimum.

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Choose threading hair removal for either chin or lips area

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