Having overgrown/unwanted hair in your bikini regions is one of the things that cause a major lack of confidence. When chilling out in the spring sun, the last thing you want is to be thinking about the untrimmed bikini line.

You can avoid all of that by getting a bikini wax with us in Dallas. We have everything you need to have an awesome, hair-free body. Our efficiency in the process relies on two basics: first of all, we use the very best equipment and wax for every patient, and secondly, we have the best experts in the area working for us.

Our trusted ally in all this is Berodin Wax. The Wax is prepared with a special focus on making sure that the body does not feel any type of irritation from the process. It adjusts itself very well with the coarse body hair and makes the whole process feel very painless. It is a very common problem in bikini wax cases.

Another one of the major issues is that hair is very rarely removed from the root. Due to the substandard quality of the wax, or the careless attitude of the clinic, the roots of the hair manage to survive the wax and stay to keep irritating the patient for long after the wax. It also means that the hair have a chance to grow back. We always make sure that the hair are removed right from the roots and you always get the most clean and soft skin, with no chance of the hair growing back too quickly.

Our wax is not only excellent at removing the normal hair, but is also very good at making sure that there is no ingrown hair later on. We understand what it feels like to have ingrown hair and take special preventive measures during the process to take care of the problem. Another bonus of the process will be that the bikini wax will also exfoliate your skin, getting rid of the dead skin cells and making you feel fresh.

So, if you are looking to get a full body or bikini wax in Dallas, contact us immediately to set an appointment and feel the special treatment.

Lips or Chin
Half Arm
$60- up
Bikini Wax
$30 - up
Full Face
Full Arm
Full Legs
Brazilian Wax
$50 - up
Under Arm
$50 - up
Lower legs

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