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COVID-19 Changes

Many of you are worried about health issues that are associated with Covid-19 but still wish you could get a facial or wax during this difficult time. I wanted to take the time to assure all my current & future clients that I'm taking this very seriously and using all possible measures to avoid the spread of the virus. We can't eliminate all risk that comes with this new disease but we can build layers of protection that will ultimately lower the probability of transmission. That's what I have done at PureSkin Dallas.

1. I've always followed strict hygiene procedures before the pandemic and continue those practices more than ever. This includes self-hygiene, masks, gloves, and cleaning all machines/tools after each client.  

2. Clients wear masks at all times whenever possible such as waxing, threading, or eye-lash lift.

3. I have implemented a 15-20 minute break between each client to wipe down all surfaces and run powerful UV-C light with Ozone purification that penetrates walls and other surfaces.

4. Added more layers of protection by using disposable, one-time-use products whenever possible. For Example, our LED facial light (Celluma) now has disposable plastic cover.

5. Added a HEPA-grade air purification to my spa that runs during business hours. This filter captures 99.97% of unwanted airborne particles including viruses like Covid-19, dust, lint, dust mite debris, ultrafine particles, smoke, smog, and more.

6. Salon Boutique requires all lessees and clients that are inside the building to wear masks. Clients wait in the car until the spa or suite is ready, avoiding people waiting inside the salon.


Thank you for putting your trust in me. If you feel you are ready don't forget to make an appointment. Call or text 972-900-0111.

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