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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Meaning of the Concept Threading is unlike most of the modern beauty and body care techniques used these days. It is one of the most ancient techniques that originated in the ancient times in the Middle East. It is a simple, yet quite artful process. Our clinicians have proper training for threading hair removal in Dallas, and they know every fine detail of it. In this process, the clinician will use a cotton sewing thread, and hold it in mouth, while using their hands to move it around your face and pulling out your unwanted hair. The process is much faster than most other hair removal techniques and is considered much less painful too. Why Is It So Effective The reason for the effectiveness of threading is pure logic. It is the only technique that takes out the hair from the root. That is why it is also able to remove the very tiny hair strands that other types of hair removal in Dallas might miss. It gives the technique a huge advantage, because if you try waxing, the hair will need to be at least a quarter of an inch long, while you can only pluck hair that can be seen. Threading does not play by those rules and can remove hair as small as a sixteenth of an inch. This means that it also takes hair much longer-up to 6 weeks- to grow back due to the roots being taken out. Comparative Benefits of Threading You will always have some other options like waxing and plucking available to you, but there are some complications that make threading far more appealing. A lot of us have sensitive skins and applying any beauty care products can irritate it. If you use waxing, there is also a chance of removing an extra layer of skin, which can be a painful and troublesome experience. People with acne problems are also well off using threading, because other ways put them at great risk of aggravating their skin problems. Here are some other advantages of getting a threading hair removal in Dallas from us:

  • Precise hair removal, removes even the finest hair.

  • Very quick, most of the time under 15 minutes.

  • Less painful than plucking or waxing.

  • No skin irritation, only removes hair.

  • Hair removed by the roots, long lasting.

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